Selling my MyVi

My 1.3(A) Myvi ezi is now surpassing 11 years old. He has served us well, the first few years for my father and myself the years after. I do not have anything much to complain about this car. The silver MPV has been a reliable, comfortable and enjoyable car. His lack of acceleration do sometimes make me think twice before overtaking but that isn’t a bad thing given the rate of accidents here in Malaysia. However, as the saying goes, all good things  must come to an end. As my own family grows and automotive technology advances, it makes more sense to get a newer, safer car. The dreaded day has therefore arrived. It is time for me to change my car.

The search was a long one as I was looking for a good balance between quality and cost. After much deliberation and test drives, we settled with a 2017 1.6(A) Proton Iriz MC (Minor Change). After test driving both the original and the 2017 Iriz, I found that although they look the same, the 2017 version has notable improvements over its predecessor. in the newer version, Proton reduced some of the bells and whistles of the 1.6 Iriz and tuned its engine to achieve better acceleration & noise/vibration insulation. The good thing is that all the safety features remain intact: ESC, ABS, Hill Assist, ISO fix and 6 airbags. I agree with Proton’s decision as less fancy features mean less things will break as well as a lower price for the car. The better acceleration & noise/vibration insulation also make the 2017 version a nicer drive.

Once we’ve decided to get an Iriz, the selling/purchasing process starts.

-listed the MyVi on mudah. They took a few hours to verify that I am a genuine seller. Once approved, calls and messages came in all morning. The first caller was a cheerful lady from Bentong who was looking for a better car for her family. The rest were mostly car dealers. Since the lady was the first to call and sounded honest, I decided to let her test drive my car and decide. She and her family came to KL on a weekend. I was very frank with all the defects, I was involved in a few accidents anyway. I was also honest about the Myvi’s service history and how we took care of it. Her husband and herself were happy with the condition and information given and decided to book the car from me. I did not want to take any payment as I knew it would take some time before I could get my new car and sell the MyVi. They might find a better car in the meantime.

Some pictures posted for the Ad:


Front Side View
Inside View
Back Side view
Front view

-booked an Iriz with Proton. The saleslady was very helpful. It was the first time that I am buying a new car. The process is quite complex as well as I wanted to transfer my plate number and NCD from the old myvi to the new Iriz. So I appreciate her step-by-step instruction.

-I first had to do a Puspakom inspection. After booking a slot through the phone from Puspakom’s helpline, I brought my MyVi for inspection. Apparently Puspakom Shah Alam is only for commercial vehicles so we went to Puspakom Padang Jawa instead. At the Puspakom entrance, there’s like a guardhouse where everyone could take a form for their inspection. I first thought that I needed to do a B5 inspection for change of ownership so I filled in the B5 form with the help of the Puspakom guy there. I then drove my car to a 15 min queue for inspection. Just before the inspection warehouse, I had to pay and submit my form to a girl. She patiently explained to me that I will have to do a B2 inspection first for RM26. Only after I’ve transferred my plate number that I can do a B5 inspection to change the ownership of the vehicle. So OK, luckily I did not have to refill another form. I could just reuse the B5 form but she stapled a B2 receipt on it.

-once I entered the B2 inspection bay, the technicians there checked my car and instructed me to move from one inspection point to another. I noticed that they checked my car windows to check if there’s a tint, my engine and the underside of the car. After they finished the 20 minutes or so inspection, they asked me to drive away. Here I got lost a bit since I did not know how to get the inspection result. So I parked my car a distance away and looked for any booths. There’s a waiting room with a counter at the end of the warehouse so I went there and wanted to sit down, thinking that they would call my name. Luckily, the Puspakom officer there noticed my lost face and asked what he could help me with. He then told me that I was at the wrong counter and I should’ve waited at a smaller counter right beside the B2 inspection bay. There, I had to wait for about 45 mins to get my result as they print the result out in batches. Happy to see that I passed the B2 inspection.

-applied for a loan


Lenovo Thinkpad x240

Lenovo Thinkpad x240

I’ve been using this workhosrse for the past three years. The store I bought the laptop from wanted to clear our some old stocks so I got it pretty cheap at around RM2,000 without upgrades. At that time the 6th generation intel CPU just came out so it was not surprising that the laptop, which was powered by a 4th generation intel CPU was not selling well. Initially the specs were:

  • Windows 8
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Intel i5-4200U CPU @ 1.6 GHz, turbo boost to 2.3 GHz
  • 16 GB of SSD, 500 GB of normal HD

After some consideration, I decided to beef it up a little to:

  • Downgraded Windows 7 (from Windows 8)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Intel i5-4200U CPU @ 1.6 GHz, turbo boost to 2.3 GHz
  • 256 GB of SSD

Windows 7 back then was a much more stable version of Windows than Windows 8 so the downgrade was a straightforward decision. The SSD upgrade was also a must and proved to be a good choice as it made starting the laptop so much faster. The RAM, in retrospect was the least useful upgrade. I initially wanted to run a few virtual machines on the laptop but since I later got a Dell server to do that, I never needed that much RAM. But who knows, maybe things could be slower without it.

The motherboard died the 2nd month or so after I had the laptop which was such a bummer. The laptop just would not start and gave some mysterious beeping sounds, my guess was to indicate what failed. The 3 years warranty took care of problem but it took a week for lenovo to get my laptop back to its working condition. Ah well, at least I ended up with a brand new motherboard which should help in the long run.

Other than that small hiccup above, I generally do not have any problems at all with this laptop. Applications run fast and wifi connectivity is OK despite not having the 5 GHz option. The VGA port has proven to be very useful for presentations as well. The best things about this laptop are its amazing keyboard and long battery life. I never typed on something as comfortable as these keys and I can last a whole day, roughly 6 hours of typing and surfing without charging the laptop. Unfortunately a small crack developed on the side of the laptop near to its fingerprint sensor, despite its military grade specs. But this is just a minor thing. Overall, I highly recommend this laptop to business users and for those who are usually on the go.